You must be aged at least 23 to hire a van and hold a valid driving license Cat.B for the last 2 years at least.



Costs of fuel are not included and the refuelling will be at your expense. You must only refuel the vehicle with the same level as it had when you hired it.

If the vehicle is not returned with the same amount of fuel, a flat rate price will be applied according to the missing quantity and the pricing in force.


Assegno Assegno

In order to hire a deposit is required. All the vehicles are insured, even if a small part of the damage, according to the insurance rules, remains chargeable to the client. The deposit will be given back at the returning of the vehicle, after a check.
Please note that MascaRent accepts most credit cards (Except the rechargeable type), cheques and cash.



Does the deposit scare you? There are insurance companies that usually work with renting companies. They insure you only for one day too, at very low prices. In case of damage, they will reimburse you the entire deposit. Here below the link to the website:



The assistance in case of breakdown is included in the price. You should only phone to the freephone number to be escorted to the nearest garage. According to the damage and the time it takes for the repair, it will be decided how to proceed further.



You will be asked to sign the "Driver's declaration". By signing this declaration you will be responsible for any fines related to your rental days that will come in afterwards.



In case you have doubts or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us.